What's Hap'ning?

The Hap'ning Place
Singing Lessons in Crouch End
Piano, Guitar, Violin Lessons North London

What's Hap'ning?
1st July 2022 
Master Classes & Workshops
What's Hap'ning?
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Crouch End &
Central London

Tel: 020 8347 8082
Studio: 07908 771984
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The Hap'ning Place Planner 2022

The Hap’ning Place Planner

26 The Hap’ning Place Concert Series with the Campsbourne Music and Arts Festival

8 Voice students recital 7:30
9 Instrumental students recital
10 The Hap’ning Place Concert Series with The Crouch End Festival

1-14 The Hap’ning Place Singers Holiday and Workshop with the Chios, Greece Music Festival

5 Haringey term begins
12,19,26 🌈ChoralTones rehearsals 19:00
20 MadriGals rehearsal 20:00

2 The Hap’ning Place and Silver Sunday Concerts at the Tower
3,10,19 ✨Amahl chorus rehearsals 19:00
4,18 MadriGals rehearsal 20:00

7,14 ✨Amahl chorus rehearsals 19:00
18 Voice Recital 19:30
19 ✨Amahl chorus and cast rehearsal 12:00
19 Instrumental Recitals
12 and 19 🎅🏻Christmas Choir Practice 10:30
26-27 Master Classes with Mark Crayton and James Janssen

3,10, ✨Amahl chorus and cast rehearsal 12:00
12,13,14 ✨Amahl chorus and cast rehearsals at Moravian Church
4 🎅🏻The Hap'ning Place Christmas Choir Community Sing Along at the Hornsey Tower to benefit Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital
8 🎻The Hap'ning Place Fiddle Club at St Pancras to benefit Marie Curie 17:00
8 🎅🏻The Hap'ning Place Christmas Choir at St Pancras to benefit Marie Curie 18:00
11🎅🏻The Hap'ning Place Christmas Choir at Maynard Pub N8 benefit Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital
17 ✨Amahl performances 1:00 and 3:00

19-31 The Hap'ning Place closed for the holidays
🥂Happy 2023🥂

What's Hap'ning?. Gosh Certificate 2021

🎅🏻Join The Hap'ning Place Christmas Choir 2022

The Hap’ning Place Christmas Choir
Our Christmas choir will meet for 2 rehearsals on Saturdays in November 12 and 19, 2022 to prepare for the caroling season. We collect donations for two excellent organizations Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital and Marie Curie Hospice care.
Everyone is welcome and there's no audition to join us, you just have to commit to coming to the two Saturday rehearsals on the calendar.
We have oodles of fun and a good old sing of lots of the familiar carols.
Just download the free caroling sheets here and let me know you're going to join us!or email us here

What's Hap'ning?. Marie Curie Certificate 2021

What's Hap'ning?. 🎅🏻 The Hap'ning Place Sing Along Lyrics 2021

🎅🏻 Christmas Sing Along Sheets 2022

🎅🏻 Christmas Sing Along Sheets

Please get in touch or email us here if you have any questions.

What's Hap'ning?. ChoralTones Lyrics 2022

🌈ChoralTones Lyrics Sheets

🌈Please click on this link below to download the ChoralTones Lyrics sheets

What's Hap'ning?. Planner June-December 2022

What's Hap'ning?

You can download the planner for 2022 here. Please note that events and dates might change, so do get in touch closer to the time to confirm or if you have any questions or email us here

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