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18th August 2017 
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The Hap'ning Place Events 2016

Events in Pictures. Schubert Collage 2016Schubertiade Sunday January 31, 2016
The singers in Schubertiade 2016

Events in Pictures. Jazz collage March 2016

Jazz Singers Workshop with Stefano Marzanni March 2016

Singers participated in an all day jazz workshop with pianist Stefano Marzanni

Events in Pictures. Student Recitals April 2016

The Hap'ning Place Students Recitals April 2016

Singers, pianists, flautists and string players participate in our three recitals each year.

Events in Pictures. Crouch End Fest collage 2

Events in Pictures. Crouch End Festival collage 1

The Hap'ning Place Concert Series with the Crouch End Festival June 2016

Performers in the concerts this year included
The Hap'ning Place MadriGals in Celebrate Music
with Ellen Durkin, Mary Eckert, Angela Joyce & Anne-Marie McCooey with Amy Luyendijk, piano
Julia Chaplin with Caroline Soresby in Midsummer Melodies
Ellen Durkin with Caroline Soresby in Suite Franšaise
Angela Elliot with Caroline Soresby in Tormenti d'Amore
Natasha Hardy with Stefano Marzanni in Pazzi Per Amore
Andrew Moriarty in The Farewell Tour
Sarah Warren with Caroline Soresby in Primo Passo
Schubertiade with Patrick Leresche and singers Karen Appel, Julia Chaplin, Ellen Durkin, Peter East, James Rose, Hitomi Sakamoto & Rachel Souhami

Events in Pictures. Student Recitals June 2016

The Hap'ning Place Student Recitals June 2016

Our wonderful hard-working students performing for each other in the Summer Recitals June 2016

Events in Pictures. Ensemble Concert July 2016

The Hap'ning Place Summer Songs and Summer Ensembles Concerts July 2-3, 2016

Congratulations to all our performers! Every year they have the opportunity to work in small ensembles and duets with the other students in these delightful summer concerts. It's always a little doubtful if it will be nice enough to perform in the garden, so this year we decided to play it safe indoors!
Our Fiddle Club directed by Janet Fischer is going from strength to strength and will be performing at venues away from the studio this year!

Events in Pictures. Chios Collage 2017

Singing Holiday Chios August 2016

This year we celebrate ten years of the Summer Singing Holiday on the island of Chios. The hospitality and warmth of the people on Chios however, never changes! We spent our mornings rehearsing and the afternoons and evenings on the warm sunny beach of Karfas. We are looking forward to 2017 with a change of venue, but the beach will be the same! Can't wait!!