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What's Hap'ning?
22nd July 2018 
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What's Hap'ning?
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Crouch End &
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What's Hap'ning?. Newsletter February 2018

What's Hap'ning? 2018

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The Hap'ning Place Planner September 2017-2018

The Hap’ning Place Planner 2018

June 2018
8-17 The Hap’ning Place Concert Series with Crouch End Festival

Verismo 15:00
Soprano Natasha Hardy & Stefano Marzanni, piano
Mio Diletto 16:00
Soprano Hitomi Sakamoto & Stefano Marzanni, piano
Secrecy's Song 17:00
Soprano Alexia Hodgeson-Cross & Stefano Marzanni, piano

Fairies to Felines 19:00
Soprano Ellen Durkin & Amy Luyendijk, piano

An Die Musik Schubert Songs with Patrick Leresche
Patrick Leresche, piano, with singers: Jess Baker, Julia Chaplin, Peter East,
Alexia Hodgson-Cross, Angela Joyce, Divya Krishnamurthy, Emma Leedham, Anne-Marie McCooey,
James Rose, Elizabeth Sagar, and Hitomi Sakamoto

The Spice of Life 15:00
Sopranos Divya Krishnamurthy & Oona Knowles & Amy Luyendijk, piano
Cara Amici 16:00
Sopranos Anne-Marie McCooey and Ellen Durkin & Amy Luyendijk, piano
Gioia Bella 17:00
Soprano Julia Chaplin & Amy Luyendijk, piano
Venite 18:00
Sopranos Shanti Lall and Plum Ossa-Richardson & Amy Luyendijk , piano

The Hap’ning Place Fiddle Club directed by Janet Fischer 13:00
at Hornsey Town Hall Stage
Le Grand Chapeau 17:00
Soprano Angela Elliott & Stefano Marzanni, piano
Wishing on a Star 18:00
MadriGals Singers Ellen Durkin, Angela Joyce, Anne-Marie McCooey and Mary Zweck with Amy Luyendijk, piano

22 Students Voice Recital 19:30
23 Student Piano Recital 15:00
Student Strings Recital 17:00
Sight Singing 19:30-20:15
Fiddle Club 18:00-19:00
Musicology 20:00-21:00

July 2018
7-8 The Hap’ning Place Concert Series with Hornsey Music Festival
2,9,16 Sight Singing 19:30-20:15
5,12,19 Fiddle Club 18:00-19:00
5,12,19 Musicology 20:00-21:00
20 Harringey schools dismissed-Lessons available throughout the summer

August 2018
1-5 Chios Greece Music Festival
6-10 Singing Holidays with The Hap'ning Place
13-17 Singing Holidays with The Hap'ning Place

6-7 The Hap’ning Place Tower Concert Series
13-14 Polish your Performance Workshop with Bob Lydiard & Megan Thomas

17 & 24 Christmas Choir rehearsals
20 Concert at The Handel House with
Mark Crayton, Countertenor & James Janssen, Fortepiano

1 Christmas Choir rehearsal
1 & 2 MadriGals at the Tower
Christmas Choir performances throughout December 2018

What's Hap'ning?. Gosh Xmas 2017

Join The Hap'ning Place Christmas Choir 2018

The Hap’ning Place Christmas Choir
Our Christmas choir will meet for 3 rehearsals to prepare for the caroling season. We collect donations for two excellent organizations Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital and Marie Curie Hospice care. Everyone is welcome and there's no audition to join us, you just have to commit to coming to the three Saturday rehearsals on the calendar. We have oodles of fun and a good old sing of lots of the familiar carols. Just download the free caroling sheets here and let me know you're going to join us!clicking here

What's Hap'ning?. Christmas Choir Lyrics

Sing with our Christmas Choir

Download our Free Christmas Songs Lyrics sheet here!

Email us by clicking here