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What's Hap'ning?
18th August 2017 
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What's Hap'ning?
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What's Hap'ning? 2017

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9-18 The Hap’ning Place Concert Series with Crouch End Festival
Sunday June 11
The Hap'ning Place Fiddle Club directed by Janet Fischer Hornsey Town Hall 12:00
Sunday June 11
An Die Musik Schubert Songs with Patrick Leresche and Julia Chaplin, Ellen Durkin, Peter East, Angela Joyce, James Rose, Elizabeth Sagar and Hitomi Sakamoto at The Hap'ningPlace 18:00

Friday June 16
Innamorata with Sarah Warren and Caroline Soresby The Hap'ning Place 18:30
Dulcet Delights with Ellen Durkin, Anne-Marie McCooey and Caroline Soresby The Hap'ning Place 19:30

Saturday June 17
Sweeter Than Roses with Divya Krishnamurthy, Shanti Lall and Caroline Soresby The Hap'ning Place 18:00
Dolce Ardor with Julia Chaplin and Stefano Marzanni The Hap'ning Place 19:00

Sunday June 18
Con Espressione with Nigel Hamilton and Elizabeth Sagar with Stefano Marzanni The Hap'ning Place 14:00
happyunhappy with Andrew Moriarty The Hap'ning Place 16:00
Cinema Paradiso with Hitomi Sakamoto and Stefano Marzanni The Hap'ning Place 17:00
Besame Mucho with The Hap’ning Place MadriGals with Stefano Marzanni The Hap'ning Place 18:00

1 Hornsey Music Festival
8 Ensembles Concert 14:00
9 Summer Songs 17:00
5,13,20 Fiddle Club 18:00-19:00
21 Harringey schools dismissed- Lessons available throughout the summer

7-11 Summer Singing Holiday in GreeceSinging Holidays with The Hap'ning Place

What's Hap'ning?. schubert 2016 group

Schubertiade 2017

The Hap’ning Place Schubertiade with Patrick Leresche

Celebrating Schubert's birthday with the Hap'ning Place Singers participating in a master class led by Patrick Leresche. The Master Class offered each singer individual coachings and in the evening there was a public performance. What a wonderful, informative way to spend a winter's afternoon!

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Sing with our Christmas Choir

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